Dear Trump: We’ve seen this before. It doesn’t end well.

If elected, Donald Trump said he would require all Muslim-Americans to register in a national database...To carry special ID cards... To be tracked by the government...

So a reporter from NBC asked him: “Mr. Trump, why would Muslim databases not be the same thing as requiring Jews to register in Nazi Germany?”

He had no answer.

In politics we know the Nazi comparison isn’t to be used lightly. But when a politician suggests following the actual path of the Nazis, we have to be bold. As American Jews we must demand he answer for his dangerous rhetoric.

The idea that any group of American citizens should be singled out, profiled and discriminated against isn’t only profoundly un-American. It’s against everything that we stand for as American Jews.

That’s why we’re creating our own ‘registry’ to fight back. We need thousands of American Jews to be courageous and stand up against Trump’s terrifying plan. By acting quickly and acting together we can get the attention of national media and force Trump to be held responsible.

Add your name to our 'registry' now.

When we say “never again” we mean it.