Bend the Arc Jewish Action focuses campaigns on the most pressing issues facing our country, cultivating the Jewish community’s voice to hold our politicians accountable and help hold America to its promise as a land of opportunity for all.

Turn Congress 180

Bend the Arc Jewish Action is inviting leaders across the country to launch a Turn Congress 180 campaign in key congressional districts — because it just takes ten people standing up for real lives to begin turning everything around. We’ve put together a toolkit, we have a team of seasoned coaches ready to help, and we can connect you to other supporters in your area. 

Jewish Resistance to Trump

A moral and civic reawakening is sweeping the country. Thousands of American Jews are taking to the streets, connecting with people across lines of faith and race, calling their representatives, and working to stop the hateful policies of the Trump Administration.

We've Seen This Before

We've Seen This Before is a campaign by Bend the Arc Jewish Action to mobilize American Jews to defeat Donald Trump.

Immigrant Rights

American Jews have not forgotten our history and we will not allow our country to become a home to bigotry and cruelty conducted by the government in our name. The majority of the Jewish community supports protecting Dreamers, immigrant rights, and a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in this country.