Sunset Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest Two Percent

Sunset, Sunrise

As members of Congress and the President focus in Washington on reforming the federal budget and avoiding the “fiscal cliff,” so many priorities of the American Jewish community are at risk, be it disaster relief, the future of Medicare and Social Security, or support for society’s most vulnerable.

That's why Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice, supports ending the temporary tax cuts for our nation’s top two percent.

In the summer of 2012 we sent a group of young Jews to have conversations about our tax system with members of Congress, Jewish leaders and others across the country. What we learned was that all kinds of Americans – from truck drivers to teachers, judges, real estate brokers, rabbis and stay-at-home dads – want a nation and a tax system that work for everyone. Our “If I were a Rich Man” tour helped move forward a conversation in our community about what our tax system looks like.

This isn't an easy conversation to have. People don’t like taxes and don’t like talking about them either. But we have to, and here’s why: our roads and bridges are paid for by taxes; the safety of our food supply is protected by taxes; and the safety of our planes and airports is assured with taxes.

Jews have always understood the value of community and shared responsibility. That’s why Bend the Arc is organizing Jews to speak out and tell our elected representatives that the wealthiest two percent need to pay a little bit more so that we can avoid this fiscal cliff and continue rebuilding our economy. Learn more by exploring our resources below.

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