Bend the Arc Jewish Action focuses campaigns on the most pressing issues facing our country, cultivating the Jewish community’s voice to hold our politicians accountable and help hold America to its promise as a land of opportunity for all.

Immigration Reform

Yearning to Breathe Free: Just and Fair Immigration Reform

Our immigration system is broken, serving neither immigrant families nor the interests of our country, and fixing it is an economic and a moral imperative. Common sense immigration reform is, and should be, a priority for the Jewish community. For many people, our own immigrant stories are still fresh in our family’s collective memory. And the Jewish collective memory speaks to our people as immigrants from the moment Abram was called to “Go forth from your homeland” and down through the millennia.

Sunset Tax Cuts for the Top Two Percent

Sunset Tax Cuts for the Wealthiest Two Percent

We believe that building a just country requires that those who enjoy this great nation’s opportunities also share in its burdens. Therefore, Bend the Arc supports ending the temporary tax cuts for our nation’s top two percent so that our economy can continue to improve and create jobs, and build a society that is secure, vibrant and just.