How to Organize a Turn Congress 180 Campaign

Pittsburgh Moral Minyan demonstrating for healthcare

Through powerful local actions, you can demand your Representative turn 180 degrees from enabling Trump’s immoral agenda and towards supporting democracy and our lives.

And we are here to help! Bend the Arc staff and seasoned volunteers are going to connect you with other progressive Jewish activists where you live to:

  • Form a team of citizen organizers
  • Train your team in how to effectively confront your member of congress
  • Help you be visible in local and national press
  • Assign a dedicated, experienced coach to walk with you for every step of the campaign, from now until the 2018 elections

Together we will raise our voices as Jews to confront the immorality of the Trump and rightwing agenda. Because when we raise our collective moral voice, we serve as a warning cry to those in power that their time on the wrong side of history is limited. And when we show up in solidarity with all who are threatened, we remind the world what never again truly means. 

Where to begin?

The first step is to read the Turn Congress 180 toolkit. Inside the toolkit, you'll find many of the things you need to start your own campaign including tactics on how to hold your representative accountable, a calendar of suggested events and suggestions on how to assemble your team. You'll also get key talking points for the three issues that Turn Congress 180 campaigns are focused on: defending Muslim-American rights, supporting immigrants, and stopping tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. 

Get the Turn Congress 180 toolkit