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6,000 (and counting) Faith Leaders Call for a Moral Budget and Action on Flint Water Crisis

March Newsletter | March 31, 2016

The Flint water crisis has been an ongoing national tragedy for the last year. In response, Bend the Arc Jewish Action joined with our partners at Groundswell to organize support from thousands of faith leaders for the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ People’s Budget.

Marc Baum

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“I think it is important to participate in the political process — period. It is important that some of that is through a Jewish organization so that it is clear that our community is not just pursuing parochial interests.” Meet Marc, chair of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, who says, “We have a moral imperative to speak out for others just as we have relied on others to speak out for us.”

Donald Trump Scares New Hampshire Jews - and Bernie Sanders Disappoints

The Jewish Daily Forward | February 3, 2016

They abhor Donald Trump, by and large, as a demagogue. And as primary day nears, many feel conflicted in sorting out their feelings about Bernie Sanders’s single-minded assault on widespread inequality, and Hillary Clinton’s record on a wider range of issues that have drawn their support.

Jewish groups thump Trump’s call to block Muslims entering U.S.

J Weekly | December 10, 2015

Jewish groups blasted a call by Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to deny all Muslims entry to the United States.

Jewish groups slam Trump’s call for a database of US Muslims

JTA | November 20, 2015

Three Jewish groups expressed outrage and concern about Donald Trump’s claim that he would create a database to track all American Muslims if he were elected president.