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Jewish Institutions, Oppose Bannon — or Millennials Will Leave You Behind

New Voices | December 8, 2016

Over the past three weeks, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Steve Bannon for chief strategist has drawn a lot of attention. Bannon has been accused of turning conservative website Breitbart News into a home for neo-Nazis and the alt-right movement, of being a racist, a white supremacist, and even an anti-Semite. At the same time, however, many major American Jewish organizations have remained silent or even sided with Bannon. These groups must condemn him immediately or risk being left behind by a far more radical generation of Jewish activists.

Keith Ellison is No Anti-Semite

The Nation | December 7, 2016

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison proposes to change how the Democratic National Committee operates, and his campaign for the chairmanship has unsettled a number of political and media insiders. That’s understandable. Democrats who disagree with Ellison have every right to dissect and dissent from the Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair’s proposals to focus on grassroots organizing and recruitment of younger and more diverse candidates. They can even raise questions about whether a sitting member of Congress is the right choice to lead a party that has a lot of rebuilding to do.

Beyond the Ballot Box: How to Impact National Politics When You’re a Progressive Voting in a Blue State | November 2, 2016

Leading up to Election Day, Jeremiah Fellow Nikki Gordon wrote a piece for Jewschool about her involvement with Bend the Arc and why she became a supporter of the Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC during the 2016 Election Cycle. "I learned that I could have a much bigger political footprint than just casting my little blue vote in my big blue state. I can impact national politics in several powerful ways."

How Hillary Clinton wins Florida and the Jewish vote

Sun Sentinel | August 25, 2016

Ask the average political observer to name the one thing that is likely to sway American Jewish voters, and it's a pretty good bet they'll say "Israel." Well, that average political observer is wrong... As a recent poll of Jewish voters in Florida demonstrates, we worry about, and vote primarily on domestic issues. 

Jewish Republicans Face New Calls to Dump Donald Trump After Star of David Tweet

Forward | July 7, 2016

Donald Trump’s decision to triple down on his Star of David anti-Clinton tweet didn’t help his standing with Jewish voters. Nor did his Frozen quip creating a perceived parallel between the Disney hit and his campaign use of Jewish imagery alongside piles of money and claims of corruption.