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Jews Chant 'We've Seen This Before' as Protest Campaign Against Donald Trump Kicks Off

Forward | June 22, 2016

More than 40 Jewish Americans gathered in front of the Trump Tower in protest on Tuesday.

Jewish Progressive Org Invokes Freedom Summer Murders to Protest Trump

Jewish Journal - Los Angeles | June 22, 2016

The heat wave had broken by the time Pastor Cue Jn-marie stood up June 21 at the auditorium of Pan Pacific Park in the Fairfax District before a mostly-Jewish audience of about 40. But as he spoke, his anger seemed to boil over.

Daily Kickoff: 2016 Roundup

Jewish Journal - Jewish Insider | June 22, 2016

Trump met yesterday with more than 1000 conservative Christian and evangelical leaders, where he fielded questions about faith, social issues, and Israel. He “vigorously defended Israel” and said, “I can’t imagine that Bibi likes Obama so much,” according to Breitbart News. "I'm 100 percent for Israel,¨ Trump told the evangelical crowd. Gary Bauer, who supported Cruz, told Politico he is planning a more formal endorsement in the coming weeks.

Clinton, Trump Trade Barbs Ahead of Her Raleigh Visit

WTVD-TV | June 22, 2016

Presidential politics are about to put the Triangle in the Vote 2016 spotlight.

1000 Evangelicals Gather to Hear the Gospel According to Donald

Mother Jones | June 21, 2016

Ever since evangelical favorite Sen. Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race in early May, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has been working hard to win over the religious right. Today, the thrice-married and formerly pro-choice business mogul furthered his efforts to shore up their support, and met with more than 1000 evangelical leaders in a closed-door session in Manhattan.