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Thank you: We hit our goal + a message from Linda

June 2, 2017

In less than 24 hours, our fundraiser to help Linda Sarsour stay safe from escalating threats reached its goal of $10,000! Thank you to the 295 contributors for your generosity and to everyone who spread the word to make this show of Jewish solidarity possible.

Cheesecake and resistance next week

May 26, 2017

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office revealed that 23 million people would lose coverage under the new version of Trumpcare. In Montana, when a reporter asked a Republican candidate for Congress for his comment on that topic, he was physically assaulted. This follows a month where it feels like our basic democratic institutions are under attack every day. How do we respond?

The resistance is winning - join us

May 18, 2017

You won this. There’s still so much for us to do to stop Trump and his hateful agenda, but yesterday’s news — that the Justice Department appointed a special counsel to investigate the possible crimes of Trump and his aides — is a huge victory for democracy and for the resistance.

Bend the Arc Submits Statement for the Record of Senate Hearing on "Responses to the Increase in Religious Hate Crimes"

May 2, 2017
Today, Bend the Arc submitted a letter from Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the record of a hearing entitled "Responses to the Increase in Religious Hate Crimes.” The letter notes Bend the Arc's "deep concern with the rise in incidents of hate violence directed at religious minorities or motivated by religion-based animus in our nation today, and our commitment to combating hate." In addition, appended to the letter was Stosh Cotler and Javier H. Valdés joint op-ed  on the ways "immigrants, Muslims and other persecuted groups, along with allies in the Jewish community" have united in the face of hate.

May 1, 2017 and Jewish Solidarity

Bend the Arc | May 1, 2017

On May 1, Bend the Arc was proud to march in solidarity with immigrants in cities and towns across the country — because “Never again” means "Never again for everyone."