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Muslims, Allies March To White House Demanding 'No Muslim Registry'

DCist | December 13, 2016

Around 200 Muslim activists and allies marched from the Department of Justice to the White House yesterday, asking Obama to dismantle the indefinitely suspended National Security Exit-Entry Registry System before Trump is elected.

Following Intercept Report, 22 Organizations Urge Tech Firms to Reject Muslim Registry

The Intercept | December 12, 2016

Out of nine U.S. technology firms contacted by The Intercept earlier this month, only one — Twitter — would rule out participating in the creation of a national Muslim registry, something Donald Trump has floated as a possibility. On Monday, 22 advocacy groups sent a letter to the other eight companies, urging them to take a stand.

Jewish Groups Help Collect 1M Signatures Opposing Steve Bannon Appointment

Forward | December 8, 2016

(JTA) — Jewish and progressive groups delivered over 1 million petition signatures to Capitol Hill opposing President-elect Donald Trump’s pick of Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist.

Jewish Institutions, Oppose Bannon — or Millennials Will Leave You Behind

New Voices | December 8, 2016

Over the past three weeks, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Steve Bannon for chief strategist has drawn a lot of attention. Bannon has been accused of turning conservative website Breitbart News into a home for neo-Nazis and the alt-right movement, of being a racist, a white supremacist, and even an anti-Semite. At the same time, however, many major American Jewish organizations have remained silent or even sided with Bannon. These groups must condemn him immediately or risk being left behind by a far more radical generation of Jewish activists.

Keith Ellison is No Anti-Semite

The Nation | December 7, 2016

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison proposes to change how the Democratic National Committee operates, and his campaign for the chairmanship has unsettled a number of political and media insiders. That’s understandable. Democrats who disagree with Ellison have every right to dissect and dissent from the Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair’s proposals to focus on grassroots organizing and recruitment of younger and more diverse candidates. They can even raise questions about whether a sitting member of Congress is the right choice to lead a party that has a lot of rebuilding to do.