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Without Naming Trump, U.S. Jewish Groups Condemn anti-Semitism in Presidential Race

Haaretz | July 7, 2016

'We object to hurtful characterizations of entire ethnic groups as criminals.' Jewish social justice and left-leaning organizations write in joint letter.

Jewish Republicans Face New Calls to Dump Donald Trump After Star of David Tweet

Forward | July 7, 2016

Donald Trump’s decision to triple down on his Star of David anti-Clinton tweet didn’t help his standing with Jewish voters. Nor did his Frozen quip creating a perceived parallel between the Disney hit and his campaign use of Jewish imagery alongside piles of money and claims of corruption.

LETTER: Bend the Arc Jewish Action, 3000 Faith Leaders Oppose July 12th House Hearing on Anti-LGBTQ First Amendment Defense Act

Letter to Representative Jason Chaffetz | July 6, 2016

Bend the Arc Jewish Action sent the letter below to Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz urging him to cancel the hearing. Previously, Bend the Arc led 3,000 faith leaders from across the country to sign a letter opposing the law.

Vigil Against Violence

Port Washington News | June 30, 2016

On Tuesday, June 21, across from Baxter Pond, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, a prominent Jewish social justice organization, led one of many nationwide vigils in denunciation of Trump’s anti-immigration policy. Alarmed by Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim agenda, this Jewish organization invited anyone in the community opposed to his proposals to unite in a national day of action, the “Vigil Against Violence.” The group recognized the 52nd anniversary of the murder of two white Jewish men, Andrew Goodman and Mickey Schwerner, and one black Christian man, James Chaney—three civil rights activists killed for registering black voters in Mississippi.

Trump Rhetoric Target at Bay Area Vigils Against Violence

JWeekly | June 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s rhetoric was targeted in three Bay Area “Vigil Against Violence” events, with one speaker comparing the presumptive Republican presidential candidate to Haman.