Organize in Your Community

A moral and civic reawakening is sweeping the country. Thousands of American Jews are taking to the streets, connecting with people across lines of faith and race, calling their representatives, and working to stop the hateful policies of the Trump Administration.

Here’s how you can begin organizing in your community to grow the Jewish resistance and create a positive future.

Introducing the Moral Minyan Project

In Jewish tradition, acts of public prayer require at least 10 people to gather to form a minyan.

At this moment of political crisis, we’re calling on our supporters to gather together a moral minyan in your neighborhood or city for acts of public protest and organizing.

A community meeting to resist Trump and fight back

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Why should you form a moral minyan?

If you’re looking for a way to meaningfully participate in the fight against the Trump agenda, begin building a community that helps each other take sustained action, learn new organizing skills, and partner across lines of race, faith, and class.

You’ll be part of a national network of moral minyans that is activating the unique moral power of American Jews to work together on campaigns to support communities under attack, to fight back against extremist legislation, and to prepare to flip the House in 2018. You can read more about our strategy here.

How do you begin?

The first step is hosting a community meeting to bring people together to begin a conversation about how you want to oppose the Trump agenda, and to decide if you want to form a moral minyan. Already, in the past few months more than 30 leaders have hosted community meetings attended by over 600 people.

We've put together a robust toolkit with step-by-step guidelines to help you plan and facilitate your meeting. It includes a sample agenda and helpful handouts. Get the toolkit to plan your community meeting.

Once you’ve got a time and location, post your event on our website and invite friends, family, and people in your extended network.

"My husband and I thought an activist would come and lead us after we cleaned the living room. We realized WE had to make this happen. 'Us??' But we decided to step up, that now is the time to stretch ourselves. We got a well-thought-out agenda and help preparing. We had a small but very passionate, engaged group of people attend. We're working on next steps and connecting with others in the Bay Area."

— Esther, a new Bend the Arc leader in the Bay Area who hosted a community meeting to begin standing up and fighting back.

Make it official

If you have a core group of people who want to form a moral minyan, see if everyone agrees to commit to the following principles:

  • You agree to participate in Bend the Arc’s national network of progressive Jews fighting the Trump and rightwing agenda.
  • You agree to make use of the actions, information, resources, and tools for outreach that Bend the Arc will share with you.
  • You will commit to having someone from your group join monthly calls and to post your meetings, events, and protest meet-ups here.
  • You support the vision of an inclusive, equitable nation that’s supportive of the the dignity of every person across race, class, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and faith.
  • Your moral minyan will strive to embody our values: moral courage, partnership, impact, eqity, and resilience.

When your group is ready, register your moral minyan by emailing (include the people who are your points of contact, your city, and a Facebook page or email address that we can share with other Bend the Arc supporters in your area).