Rabbis Support Ending Tax Cuts for the 2%

Hundreds of rabbis from across the Jewish community have signed a letter (below) calling on Congress to allow the temporary tax cuts, for those making over $250,000 annually, to sunset. This will avert a fiscal crisis and create a more just tax system to help ensure that the opportunities of America are shared by all.

If you are a rabbi, join us in lending your name to the letter below.

To our elected representatives,

As rabbis, we are called upon to uphold the highest values of our faith, and to teach the laws of our tradition. Deuteronomy 15:4 proclaims “And there shall be no needy among you.” On this pillar was built a history of communal responsibility. Raising revenue in order to support important community institutions was established in the Torah's commandments, extolled by the prophets, and has been a hallmark of Jewish communities ever since.  

As Americans, we believe that building a just country requires that those who enjoy this great nation’s opportunities also share in its burdens.  We therefore urge President Obama and this Congress to allow the temporary tax cuts passed in 2001, and extended in 2003, to expire, as scheduled, on December 31, for all Americans making over $250,000 a year.

America faces great challenges. If we want our economy to continue to improve and create jobs, and we want a society that is secure, vibrant and just, we must approach those challenges honestly. One of the most significant issues we face – fiscally and morally – is these tax cuts, which have contributed to the escalating inequality of the past decade.

We know that building a healthy, ethical society isn’t just a personal duty, but a communal one. Our needs and our lives are closely bound with those of everyone around us.

Whatever the President and Congress do regarding the tax cuts will have enormous effects on individuals and families across the nation. Allowing these cuts to expire at the end of this year for the wealthiest two percent of Americans – those making more than $250,000 a year – is a crucial step toward increasing the equality and basic fairness that our tradition calls for.

Ending the tax cuts for those who need them the least will bring in hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade. Together with a careful examination of our government spending, one that is not based on once again taking the most from those who have least to spare, this money will enable the crafting of a moral budget, one that protects our social safety net, strengthens our public education system, and increases job growth. 

At this moment, as you are tasked with avoiding a fiscal crisis and restoring our economy, we urge you to hear the voices of those with the least among us, those who are so often silenced. Hear the hungry child, the student struggling for his future, and the veteran who served her country and is now working three jobs to find her place in it. These are the voices of America.

We, Rabbis from across this great nation, urge you to hear their voices and to heed their call. It is time to end the tax cuts for those making over $250,000 annually and help move America toward justice and prosperity. 


Rabbi Aryeh Cohen- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi Stephanie Kolin- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi Sydney Mintz- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi Dorothy Richman- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi David Saperstein- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi Felicia Sol- Bend the Arc Board member
Rabbi Morris Allen- Jewish Community Action Rabbinic Advisor
Rabbi Jack Moline- Jews United for Justice Rabbinic Advisory Council
Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block, Bend the Arc Rabbi in Residence

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Rabbi Joel N Abraham

Rabbi Alan Abrams

Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder

Rabbi Ruth Adar

Rabbi Douglas Alpert

Rabbi Thomas Alpert

Rabbi Joel Alter

Rabbi Julia Andelman

Rabbi Camille Shira Angel

Rabbi Melanie Aron

Rabbi Erica Asch

Rabbi Elan Babchuck

Rabbi George Barnard

Rabbi Lewis Barth

Rabbi David Dunn Bauer

Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker

Rabbi Leonard Beerman

Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon

Rabbi Philip Bentley

Rabbi Jonathan Berger

Rabbi Marc Berkson

Rabbi Donald R Berlin

Rabbi Jane Berman

Rabbi Joseph Berman

Rabbi Marjorie Berman

Rabbi Phyllis Berman

Rabbi Edward Bernstein

Rabbi Linda Bertenthal

Rabbi Jonathan Biatch

Rabbi Binyamin Biber

Hazzan Freyda Black

Rabbi Rena Blumenthal

Rabbi Steven Bob

Rabbi Jill Borodin

Rabbi Sara Brandes

Rabbi Charles Briskin

Rabbi Herbert Bronstein

Rabbi Carol Caine

Rabbi Kenneth Chasen

Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen

Rabbi Howard A Cohen

Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels

Rabbi David J. Cooper

Rabbi Jill Cozen-Harel

Rabbi Menachem Creditor

Rabbi Justin David

Rabbi Jan Dodi

Rabbi Art Donsky

Rabbi Elliot Dorff

Rabbi William Dreskin

Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus

Rabbi David Dunn Bauer

Rabbi Ariel Edery

Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Rabbi Diane Ellit

Rabbi David Feder

Rabbi Michael Feinberg

Rabbi Sam Feinsmith

Rabbi Brian Field

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Rabbi Alan Flam

Rabbi Nancy Flam

Rabbi Richard Flom

Rabbi Alissa Forrest Miller

Rabbi Jeff Foust

Rabbi Eli Freedman

Rabbi Dayle Friedman

Rabbi John Friedman

Rabbi Stacy Friedman

Rabbi Dara Frimmer

Rabbi Serena Fujita 

Rabbi Ruth Gais

Rabbi Jonah Geffen

Rabbi Laura Geller

Rabbi Jonathan Gerard

Rabbi Sim Glaser

Rabbi Ilan Glazer

Rabbi Dr. Miriyam Glazer

Rabbi Arnold Gluck

Rabbi Bob Gluck

Rabbi Donald Gluckman

Magid Andrew Gold

Rabbi Dr. Laura Gold

Rabbi Dan Goldblatt

Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg

Rabbi Lynne Goldsmith

Rabbi Debra Goldstein

Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein

Rabbi Seth Goldstein

Rabbi Sam Gordon

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

Rabbi Arthur Gould

Rabbi Roberto Graetz

Rabbi Laurie Green

Rabbi Julie Greenberg

Rabbi Yitz Greenberg

Rabbi James Greene

Rabbi Nicole Greninger

Rabbi Joshua Gruenberg

Rabbi Joshua Gutoff

Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman

Rabbi Richard Hammerman

Rabbi Shoshana Hantman

Rabbi Laura Harari

Rabbi Maurice Harris

Rabbi Ari Hart

Rabbi Shai Held

Rabbi Floyd Herman

Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann

Rabbi Jay Heyman

Rabbi Jo Hirschmann

Rabbi Erin Hirsh

Rabbi Heidi Hoover

Rabbi Daniel Horwitz

Rabbi Mark Hurvitz

Rabbi Shaya Isenberg

Rabbi Jill Jacobs

Rabbi Robert Judd

Rabbi Daniel Judson

Rabbi Bruce Kadden

Rabbi Yoel Kahn

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster

Rabbi Ari Kaiman

Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky

Rabbi Min Kantrowitz

Rabbi Steven Kaplan

Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann

Rabbi Lawrence Karol

Rabbi Harley Karz-Wagman

Rabbi Debra Kassoff

Rabbi Nancy Kasten

Rabbi Marc Katz

Rabbi Jim Kaufman

Rabbi Kenneth Kaufman

Rabbi Benjamin Kelsen

Rabbi Ralph Kingsley

Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman

Rabbi Michael Klayman

Rabbi Gary Klein

Rabbi Jonathan Klein

Rabbi David L Kline

Rabbi Marc Kline

Rabbi Peter Knobel

Rabbi Norman Koch

Rabbi Barry S. Kogan

Rabbi Ira Korinow

Rabbi Jamie Korngold

Rabbi Michael Kramer

Rabbi Douglas Krantz

Rabbi Harold Kravitz

Rabbi Brett Krichiver

Rabbi Charles Kroloff

Rabbi Elliot Kukla

Rabbi Judith Kummer

Rabbi Noa Kushner

Rabbi Howard Laibson

Rabbi Alan LaPayover

Rabbi Michael Adam Latz

Rabbi Esther Lederman

Rabbi David Leipziger Teva

Rabbi David Lerner

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Rabbi Joshua Lesser

Rabbi Alan Lettofsky

Rabbi Lisa Levenberg

Rabbi Moshe Levin

Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater

Rabbi Chai Levy

Rabbi David Levy

Rabbi Richard Levy

Rabbi Sue E. Levy

Rabbi Sheldon Lewis

Rabbi Michael Lezak

Rabbi Elias Lieberman

Rabbi Mordechai Liebling

Rabbi Ellen Lippmann

Rabbi Josh Lobel

Rabbi Larry Mahrer

Cantor Ilan Mamber

Rabbi Marc Margolius

Rabbi Randall Mark

Rabbi Jeffrey Marker

Dr. Rabbi Susan Marks

Rabbi Dennis Math

Rabbi Aryeh Meir

Rabbi Batsheva Meiri

Rabbi Paul Menitoff

Rabbi Margaret Meyer

Rabbi Sarah Meytin

Rabbi Brian Michelson

Rabbi Leon Morris

Rabbi Sheldon Moss

Rabbi Yitzhak Nates

Rabbi Dev Noily

Rabbi David Paskin

Rabbi Barbara Penzner

Rabbi Richard Plavin

Rabbi Daniel Polish

Rabbi Jeff Portman

Rabbi Mindy Portnoy

Rabbi Charles P Rabinowitz

Rabbi Paula Reimers

Rabbi Victor Reinstein

Rabbi Elizabeth Richman

Rabbi Ben Romer

Rabbi Kliel Rose

Rabbi Jason Rosenberg

Rabbi David Rosenn

Rabbi Jennie Rosenn

Rabbi/Educator Michael Rothbaum

Rabbi Jonathan Rudnick

Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay

Rabbi Arthur Rutberg

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Rabbi Robert Saks

Rabbi Joanna Samuels

Rabbi Scott Saulson

Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller

Rabbi Zalman Schachter

Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb

Hazzan Robert Scherr

Rabbi Howie Schneider

Rabbi Rachel Schoenfeld

Rabbi Michael Schorin

Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz

Rabbi Sid Schwarz

Rabbi Judith Seid

Rabbi Ethan Seidel

Rabbi Ahud Sela

Rabbi Gerald Serotta

Rabbi Andy Shugerman

Rabbi Alexandria Shuval Weiner

Rabbi Ariana Silverman

Rabbi Lawrence Silverman

Rabbi Suzanne Singer

Rabbi Matthew Soffer

Rabbi Joel Soffin

Rabbi Myra Soifer

Rabbi Eric Solomon

Rabbi Marc Soloway

Rabbi Bernard Spielman

Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker

Rabbi Peter Stein

Rabbi Debbie Stiel

Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman

Rabbi Yvonne Strassmann

Rabbi Elliot Strom

Rabbi Joshua Strom

Rabbi Shira Stutman

Rabbi Alvin Sugarman

Rabbi Brooks Susman

Rabbi Ari Susskind

Rabbi Robert Tabak

Rabbi Susan Talve

Rabbi Elliott Tepperman

Rabbi David Teutsch

Rabbi Lawrence Troster

Rabbi Jan Uhrbach

Rabbi Jason van Leeuwen

Rabbi Burton Visotzky

Rabbi Andrew Vogel

Rabbi Brian Walt

Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev

Rabbi Bruce Warshal

Rabbi Arthur Waskow

Rabbi Donald Weber

Rabbi Ezra Weinberg

Rabbi Sheila Weinberg

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt

Rabbi Arthur Weiner

Rabbi Martin Weiner

Rabbi Scott Weiner

Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub

Rabbi Ari Weiss

Rabbi Steve Westman

Rabbi Harry Scott White

Rabbi Avi Winokur

Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan

Rabbi Ellen Wolintz-Fields

Rabbi Leo Wolkow

Rabbi Michal Woll

Rabbi Bridget Wynne

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz

Rabbi Sara Zacharia

Rabbi Reuben Zellman

Rabbi Daniel Zemel

Rabbi Lina Zerbarini

Rabbi Shawn Zevit