About Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Bend the Arc's political advocacy arm harnesses the collective energy, passion and talent of progressive American Jews to change policy in service of a more just and equal nation.

News Coverage

  • Haaretz: Much of the Jewish community I love hasn’t yet found the courage to resist Trump openly. And too many U.S. Jewish groups, in hock to donors and unwilling to risk proximity to power and its privileges, are corrupting our values.
  • Washington Jewish Week: “The week after the election we saw 45,000 people join the organization in some fashion,” said Stosh Cotler, Bend the Arc’s CEO. “Over the course of the last year we’ve doubled in terms of people taking action.”
  • The Riverdale Press: American Jews in particular have a unique strategic role in standing against efforts to target immigrants, Muslims, women, people of color, the poor, and democracy itself.
  • Newsday: The rally’s organizing group, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, demanded that Zeldin support and help pass a “clean Dream Act, with no attached funding for a senseless border wall or out-of-control immigration enforcement, to protect DACA beneficiaries immediately.”
  • JTA: In recognizing Cotler, the Muslim Public Affairs Council noted among other factors the petition co-organized last year by the two groups against President Donald Trump’s “deeply troubling appointment of Stephen Bannon” as his top strategic adviser.
  • Forward: Bend the Arc claimed that Trump’s “rhetoric about immigrants has been consistently cruel from the beginning. Now, emboldened by the ascendancy of white supremacy in the public sphere, he is escalating into ever more explicit racism.”
  • The Nation: Bend the Arc's "We've Seen This Before" campaign — the largest national Jewish effort to stop the election of Donald Trump — was named Most Valuable Activist Campaign of 2016 by The Nation.
  • Forward: Donald Trump poses a particular challenge to most Jewish organizations. His message stands in stark contrast to their groups’s positions on immigration, race or welfare, but the organizations can’t call him out on it due to federal tax rules limiting not-for-profits’s political speech. Bend the Arc has the answer.