About Bend the Arc Jewish Action

Inspired by Jewish values and a steadfast belief that American Jews, regardless of religious or institutional affiliations, are compelled to create justice and opportunity for all Americans, Bend the Arc — the nation’s leading progressive Jewish voice solely dedicated to mobilizing Jewish Americans to advocate for the nation’s most vulnerable — has launched Bend the Arc Jewish Action and Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC.

News Coverage

  • KQED: KQED interviews Rabbi Melanie Aron about the launch of Bend the Arc's voting rights campaign.
  • Religion & Politics: Religious activism around immigration reform continues to build, many are expressing the same curiosity as Kimelman-Block’s cellmate: where exactly did this groundswell of faith-based support for immigration reform come from? And, will the efforts of religious Americans be enough to convince Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform?
  • JWeekly.com: I never thought I’d go to jail. In fact, my family experience has led me to try to stay as far away as possible from spending time in jail. My grandfather was a prisoner of war and a victim of torture in World War I. My father had a career as a parole officer and an administrator in the New York State prison system.
  • The Atlantic: Alan van Capelle, CEO of Bend the Arc, discusses the importance of faith based communities involved with the marriage equality movement.  This articles highlights that once faith based organizers come together for marriage equality the results are swift and responsive.
  • MSNBC: Bend the Arc's new website, Entry Denied, asks if our ancestors would be allowed to come to America under current U.S. law, and the results are sobering. Current immigration law places strict limits on the number of people allowed to claim refugee status, the types of skills required for a work visa, and the number of people from specific countries allowed to apply for the Green Card lottery, among other restrictions.
  • The Jewish Reporter: Bend the Arc, a leading Jewish social justice organization, has submitted testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, expressing the need for a just and equitable immigration system that includes equal rights for gay and lesbians Americans and aspiring Americans and their families.
  • The Jewish Week: As President Barack Obama and Congress tackle the financial crisis and the politically explosive issue of tax reform, the American Jewish community has remained quiet — until now. Bend the Arc Jewish Action has gathered over 250 rabbis to sign a letter in support of the president’s proposal to allow tax cuts to expire at the end of the year for those making above $250,000 annually.
  • Houston Chronicle: The Houston Chronicle: Bend the Arc's launch of a lobbying arm and political action committee allows it to advocate further for the pursuit of justice in the United States. These additional aspects put the organization at the forefront of domestic political lobbying for Jewish social justice supporters.